Fred Couples

When I was a young woman and madly in love with my boyfriend, he took me to a professional golf tournament. The tournament was the 1989 LPGA Safeco Classic tournament at the Meridian Valley Country Club in Kent, Washington.  At the time I knew nothing about golf and could not understand why everyone was so quietly captivated observing golfers hit a silly little ball. It was a rare sunny day, so I decided to stretch out on the lawn near one of the putting greens and take a nap. My boyfriend did not hesitate to scold me for my disrespectful behavior. Soon I learned the etiquette and rules surrounding the game of golf. Fortunately my boyfriend became my husband and over the years I became a huge fan of golf.

A few years ago, my husband and I were at Scottsdale Fashion Square and I was trying on something  at Anthropologie. I came out of the dressing room to get my husband’s opinion and saw someone standing there who was very familiar. As I was running through the familiar images in my brain, I blurted out, “Fred!”  Standing in front of me was Fred Couples my husband’s favorite golfer. As soon as I cried out his name I could see the blood drain out of his face at the dismay of someone recognizing him at a chic store. Immediately I looked around for my husband so he could meet him while walking up to Fred and telling him how happy I was to see him standing there and letting him know my husband would love to meet him. I got on my cell phone and squealed into the phone for my husband to come back in the store and meet Fred Couples. I introduced Fred to my husband and my husband to Fred. They proceeded to have a conversation about golf and the condition of Fred’s back problems.

I am grateful I learned about the game of golf and have followed the players all these years. Meeting Fred Couples was a joy for both of us. It has been as many years since Fred Couples won the masters tournament as my marriage to my husband. What a delight it would be for him to win again. We are both dancing with glee to see Freddie there at the top this weekend.

Fred Couples



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