Spring has sprung

When the sweet acacia trees bloom and their fluffy yellow balls  float through the sky and my husband starts sneezing, I know spring has arrived in Arizona. The pyracantha shrubs in my yard which normally have tiny red berries are now bursting with little white flowers.

Springtime has always been a favorite season for me. This time of year brings a sense of rebirth and renewal as plants show you their new blossoms. The flowering plum trees were spectacular in downtown Prescott last Thursday when we arrived there. All across the country, the landscape is giving way to the many blossoms and blooms. Bird’s nests are plentiful in the trees awaiting the arrival of chicks. A metal wall pocket full of artificial flowers on my covered patio gave birth to many sparrows over the years during the spring. I always marveled at the ingenuity of the sparrows to make a nest there sheltered from the weather.

One of my favorite scents is the sweet aroma of the blossoms on the citrus trees everywhere in Arizona in the spring.

I am grateful for all the beauty in nature around me. Spring has sprung!


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