Hope is a very good thing

A few years ago, a dear friend sent me an email with a link to a You Tube video urgently telling me to watch the attached video.  This particular friend does not send useless emails, so I watched the video right away. I was in the middle of tending a garage sale at my home and was not prepared for what was about to happen to me. The video I am referring to is of the middle-aged woman from Northern England, named Susan Boyle, who was a contestant on the television show, Britain’s Got Talent.  This show must be the equivalent of the American television show American Idol.

When I first saw the woman walk on stage my thoughts were something like this:

What an ugly dress, poor thing, what a frumpy woman, she needs her eyebrows waxed, she must be dreaming, she has a lot of nerve, sweet woman—Simon Cowell is going to slaughter her, Oh how rude—he inquired about her age, I hope she doesn’t completely embarrass herself and lastly maybe, HOPEFULLY she can sing.

The instant she opened her mouth to sing, my heart leapt with delight! What came out of her mouth was astonishing.  How could she sing so brilliantly and not be discovered yet?  From the minute she started singing I was sobbing tears of joy and disbelief.  Her voice ignited a deep seated feeling of hope and triumph within me. I am certain this video is traveling all over the world, inspiring people everywhere.  Lord knows, we need hope more than ever in our world.

This type of experience I believe is why fans flock to watch John Daly on the PGA tour.  John is overweight and battles with drinking, gambling and a myriad of other troubles but we want to see him conquer the demons because he possesses such raw golf talent.  I think this is why we tend to feel protective and fond toward the runt of a puppy litter. As we get older, there is a tendency to give up on our dreams. This woman showed us that it is never too late to experience our dreams.

Thank you Susan Boyle! I wholeheartedly give you two thumbs and ten toes up!  I believe you sparked some hope in all of us.



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