No Place Like Home


You may live in a box, a tee-pee, a cabin, a shanty or a shelter.

You may live in an abbey, a convent, a monastery or a cloister.

You may live in order, utter chaos, austerity or lavish luxury.

You may live in vogue, outdated surroundings, fashion or stylishly.

You may live on the beach, on a cliff, on a stream or the 18th tee.

You may live in the desert, the mountains, the city or the rural country.

You may live with your family, your servants, your butler or your cook.

You may live in seclusion, isolation, or with your head in a book.

You may live with canaries, snakes, turtles, horses, cats or dogs.

You may live where the sun shines, in the rain, or a blanket of fog.

You may live in an apartment, a mansion or a geodesic dome.

You may live in Chicago, Santa Fe, Manhattan, or Rome.

Wherever it is, anywhere that you go,

Throughout your travels, there always will be no place like home.

By cmc


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