50 Reasons Why I Love My Dog

I have often thought there was a reason why the word God and Dog are interchangeable since they possess many of the same qualities.

He depends on me to survive.

He does not interrupt me when I am speaking.

He doesn’t care if I am pretty.

He doesn’t gossip.

He doesn’t like vegetables.

He doesn’t look at himself in the mirror.

He drinks the right amount of water.

He follows me everywhere.

He has good instincts.

He has gotten nicer with age.

He has never been mean spirited.

He has never said an unkind word to anyone.

He has unconditional love for me.

He is a tension reliever when the world has beaten me up.

He is always happy to see me.

He is an expert at getting what he wants.

He is comfortable in his own fur.

He is in a good mood when he wakes up.

He isn’t trying to sell me anything (maybe the need for a biscuit)

He kisses on command.

He knows how to have a good time.

He knows how to make the best of every situation.

He knows how to scratch his own back.

He lets me kiss him.

He lets me know strangers are near.

He lets me nibble his ears.

He licks my tears.

He likes everyone he meets.

He likes leftovers.

He likes me better after yoga class.

He likes people more than dogs.

He likes to dance.

He likes to eat as much as I do.

He likes to go for a walk.

He likes to play.

He likes to take naps.

He listens intently.

He makes friends easily.

He runs to see me when I hit the door.

He starts his day by leaping off the bed.

He thinks cats are strange.

He thinks TV is boring.

He twirls when he is excited.

He waits for me to come home.

His eyes are sincere.

His favorite ice cream is Cherries Garcia.

His tail is always wiggling.

I always know what I will receive from him.

I am his favorite person.

I depend on him for love.

by cmc


2 thoughts on “50 Reasons Why I Love My Dog

  1. As a dog lover myself, I believe and agree with everything you have written why dogs are the best . For 15,000 years, their loyalty and kindness is always there. With a character beyond reproach, dogs are heaven sent as they have been always around to cheer you up, to ease your pain and to bring out your best. Thank you so much for sharing this. Most of all, even with the littlest of kindness, dogs are the ones who appreciate those gestures with utmost gratefulness.


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